Album artwork for Routes Of Life

Routes Of Life Ryan Davis



Cat No: Traum V133
Barcode: 4250472400280
Traum V133
We welcome Ryan Davis, an artist who should have released with us a long time ago, since his music is very close to what Traum has released over the period of 12 years. Ryan is great musician and totally dedicated to the melodic side of dance music, with compositional skill and courage that is rare in dance music today. Ryan has recorded for various labels but keeps a low profile for himself which makes him a true candidate for Traum also in the future. The opening track “Routes Of Life” is a track of sheer extravagance. It combines different musical genres in in a very skilful way and makes an unmistakable statement towards an artistic composition. You will find so many influences going on here that it is hard to pin down weather it is a romantic or cinematic track or even a strong club epic. It works on all levels and that is a quality Ryan Davis has cultivated over a long period. Lush and deep passages alternate with energetic ones, using hi tech technology to make it a firework or rather a serpentine of delicate stunts altogether. “Loophole” is wise enough to dedicate itself to a more track like piece of music. But please do not make judgements too quick... in the course of it's development it attracts colourful, melodic elements and takes them in to a never-ending beat. Step by step Ryan Davis adds long-armed synth stretches and the lushness of “fragile” electronic music. “Sideways”, the third track is by far the most “free minded spirit” on the release. Again equally beautifully crafted and refurbished to feel fresh and new as all of these tracks... Davis here suggest rather than dedicates images that seem to drown in a ”see of sound”. This includes “slow motion” or “stand still” passages and a general “fantastic” approach rather than a „club head turner“. New Traum artist from the UK Morris Cowan has taken on “Sideways” and instantly felt he could do a interpretation it in his style. The result is a tight new interpretation based on an arrangement which takes in the coolness of dub step but also pays tribute to the seriousness of the original. We think Morris Cowan has done great and have signed him for a full length album on Traum´s new imprint Zaubernuss!

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