Album artwork for Ruminant Violence

Ruminant Violence Ted Milton / Blurt

Release date: January 19, 2018
Cat No: OM 39
Barcode: 880319889615
OM 39
10,20 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Blurt are perhaps the act who have played live at Optimo more than any other. Active for close to 40 years they are one of the UK’s all time great acts, phenomenal live and on record and supremely underrated.

Blurt mainman Ted Milton is a living legend. Now in his 70s but more vibrant on stage than most artists 50 years his junior, he is a man of many talents; artist, poet, musician, performer….

In 1984 he released a solo 12”; “Love Is Like A Violēnce”, a no doubt accidental dancefloor gem completely out of kilter with any other music of the era that now makes total sense in 2017. Dubbed-out stabs, programmed rhythm, trademark sax squeals and a more subdued than normal vocal that is strangely reminiscent of Vincent Price. Thee definition of a cult classic and much in demand, side A of this 12” presents the A and B side (the equally outre “It’s Only Recently That Stalins Have Begun To Roost”) of this mighty 12” on one side of vinyl.

“The Ruminant Plinth” is but one of multiple classic tracks in the Blurt catalogue and is a long, long time personal favourite that takes pride of place of the other side. Tribal hypno rhythms, chicken wire guitar, sax and Milton’s voice on fire, this was a genuine party starter on the Optimo dance floor on Sunday nights Glasgow. So louche it should probably be banned.

12” vinyl release in full picture sleeve designed by Glasgow artist Andrew Beltran.

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