Album artwork for Running In Waves EP

Running In Waves EP Jonas Landwehr & Felix Fleer

Cat No: SeSo 001
Barcode: 4250101465864
SeSo 001
16,90 €
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Jonas Landwehr & Felix Fleer, the minds behind R-Imprint, are back with their youngest brainchild ‘Serial Sound’. They are starting the new label off with an expertly crafted five track EP ranging from emotive 4 to the floor anthems, over ideosyncratically spaced out IDM experimentation, to cutting edge UK-infused club weapons. ‘Secrets’ is opening the A-Side with a raw vocal performance by LAINE, fused with an infectious groove, building up to a euphoric climax of layered poly-synths, sample flipping and abstract textures. ‘Blinded’ is carrying this vibe over into a more toolish format while maintaining an intricate narrative arch. ’Water Seven’ rounds off the A-Side with a more dreamy excursion into ambient territory. ‘Windows’ opens the B-Side with a catchy theme of pulsing modulated chords supported by subtle, micro- percussive textures. Aeon is closing off the record with an aggressive, synthetic rhythm, featuring syncopated vocal slices, contrasted with enthralling pad sounds. With this release the duo has opened up their sound into a more mature & eclectic direction, while staying true to their signature brand of contemplative harmonies and detailed textural layering.

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