Album artwork for Saft 3

Saft 3 Die Orangen

Release date: October 30, 2020
Cat No: Malka Tuti 0029
Barcode: 4250101419058
Sold Out
180g VINYL
For the 3rd instalment of Die Orangen’s Saft series on MT, we have invited dear friends Full Circle once again, this time remix- ing the track Krautback off DUO’s album Zwei Orangen. Joakim & Alexis took a different turn from their proto-no-goa sound, with more than a nod to the late (and sadly missed) mr. Weatherall, and the result is a DUB. Another duo we are huge fans of, Smagghe & Cross, took the song Zwei and reshaped it into a minimalistic psychedelic tonal symphony, echoing the original song's voices and fx. On the B-side, after 3 years of working on it, we have finally brought together again the mighty duo Mungolian Jetset to re- work bits and pieces from the whole LP. Its a midtempo cosmic disco/house banger that keeps on giving. a pure outdoor festival gem... Last but not least, we are releasing as B2, for the first time on Vinyl, Die Orangen's collaboration with artist Eva Geist ( self-re- leased digitally earlier this year by the ginger boys themselves) ..... A perfect collaboration, bringing out the more sunny side of the D.O. duo......

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