Album artwork for Sahara

Sahara Nelli

Release date: March 12, 2021
Cat No: 3000° 096
Barcode: 4250101424397
Digital Single
3000° 096
What would we do without them: Those people that turn a boring weekend or a lackluster night out into something that we later remember with a mischievous smile and a blissful sparkle in our eyes? Those walking sources of reckless party energy that even lure the old guys from the bar back onto the dance floor? Nelli is exactly this kind of person, and Sahara, her debut on 3000Grad, is exactly this kind of record. Transforming the infectious energy of a newcomer into a rolling and twisting groove, she clearly aims at the hustle and bustle of the peak time. The old producer guys she entices with this kind of sound are Mollono.bass and Kollektiv Ost, whose remixes expand the atmospheric bandwidth of the EP into two neighbouring, yet entirely different dimensions of deep and driving dance music.

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