Album artwork for Same Old Samples

Same Old Samples Ditongo

Release date: October 9, 2015
Cat No: Degu017
Barcode: 880319726019
11,20 €
"Looping and filtering, mentioned all too often as an uncool and lazy way of making music, probably a result of the huge amount of bad releases that the techniques are associated with. This release in your hands is the first of a series paying tribute to the crate diggers whose samples and loops in my opinion, are milestones for house music and club culture. Loops that I never got tired of listening too, even for more than two decades in some cases. With the original compositions often sought after and repressed, here we’re paying respect to original “sampling artist" rather than the “sampled artist”, outrageous eh? In this episode:  Delgado’s masterpiece was probably the first successful case of a simple loop going nonstop through an entire arrangment, it was a clear inspiration for many to come. Longo’s sample, is the closest example to a perfect loop that I can think of. There are very few grooves with such a strong combination of funk, power and shuffle. Well done Longo and well done Delgado!"

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