Album artwork for San Bartolo

San Bartolo Pancho Piedra



Cat No: ADIG16
Barcode: 880319550713
for adig16 we have the sensational pancho piedra from cuenca, ecuador. pancho has been djing, promoting parties and running the family owned cuenca radio station for some time now &.he's a busy man! for pancho's first release with adjunct he drops a seductive and innovative ep titled "san bartolo". lots of sounds and voices creep though from the deepest jungles of south america and travel straight to your head. he brings it all together in a massive package of dance floor tunes that will shake the house and all the people in it. each track tells its own story and keeps you on your toes wondering where you are gonna go next. strange and otherworldly interwoven samples are degraded by synth mania and placed in the right spot just above the caverns that point directly to the stars, almost out of reach.. but not. are you ready? on remix duties we have wild man and adjunct veterano dilo and adjunct head honcho [a]pendics.shuffle, each creating their own version of pancho ºs world rounding out the ep and pushing it even further into the stratosphere of no boundaries dance music. praise the lord!

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