Sapphire (Daso & Pawas Mix)

Release date: June 23, 2008
Cat No: SPECTRAL 061
Barcode: 894209996110
4,90 €
  • 57e8d5d42f874
  • release
Sapphire has that quality of undertow, its a phenomenon if its mesmerizing beauty and its deep compelling power. The lead-off tune from the new Sami Koivikko project pulls you in gracefully. It's low-end reaching its targets like sonar waves. Following up on his acclaimed work for leibe*detail and Shitkatapult as well as the sublime Pääjääsä EP for Spectral Sound, Koivikko perfects his sound here and the flip-side doesn't disappoint either. "Tonalite" takes things sufficiently deeper and brings the melodics to sunrise level. Also on the flip for this Spectral installment, is Daso and Pawas' take on "Sapphire". Their deft use of classic house and techno templates leaves you agape, so you can imagine our thrill upon hearing their mesmerizing rework which torques up the flow of the original into a bass-minded hijack.

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