Album artwork for Sassy EP

Sassy EP O. De Lanzac

Release date: August 4, 2023
Cat No: Connected 129
Barcode: 4250101460746
Digital Single
Connected 129
O. de Lanzac brings her cultured and worldly sounds to connected with the sublime new ‘Sassy EP’. Congo-born, Greek-raised and now London-based, O. de Lanzac was part of the Quad Throw Salchow band that had tunes on labels like DFA. She has dropped solo works on BBE, Underground Collective Tek and produced some tracks and an album on Tony Carrasco’s label Multitronix where she always mixes up Latin, funk and downtempo. This year she has been busy with new music on Open Bar Music, Nervous Records and AtJazz. Opener 'Sassy' is a deep and heavy Afro house track embellished with shakers, distant vocal wails and soulful pads. It's sparse yet atmospheric and the sort of subtle late-night track to really hypnotise a dance floor. 'LOG' is less firmly rooted to the floor, with more lively drum patterns and open-air atmospheres coming from the bird calls and tribal percussion. It's cinematic in design and has a beautifully natural-sounding groove that places you amongst the flora and fauna of a steamy jungle. These are two tastefully designed Afro house sounds from the inimitable O. de Lanzac.

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