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Saturnus Ghost Vision



Release date: May 4, 2018
Cat No: Kompakt 384
Barcode: 880319911613
Kompakt 384
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A new duo launches by the name of Ghost Vision. Joining forces with an introspective, uplifting debut slice on Kompakt, the pair are two well-known figures Thomas Gandey aka Cagedbaby, member of Matom alongside Matt Edwards, and Daniel McLewin, half of UK-based production duo Psychemagik. Fruit of these blissful moments when no imaginary wall obstructs the vision and the stream of consciousness gives up to the entrancing magic of the creative flow, 'Saturnus' is an upright mano a mano between two musicians and their gear, unchained from all preconceptions and biases; real (machine) talk as the hip-hop heads would say.

Straight soul oration poured off the cosmic scapes generated by a good old Moog Voyager, '70s string machines', Oberheim OBXA, 303, Space Echo and the too little-known and equally little-used Korg Lambda, Ghost Vision's debut EP traverses remote kosmische-indebted expanses but hits close to the core with its deft mix of slow-burning spectral funk, textured outerspace pads and further stirring heart-searching harmonics. Subtly arranged yet leaving maximum room to the lively force of its original layout, it is a lovingly crafted piece of emotive and psychedelic magnitude that's seamlessly given birth to. Enter the greater deep and important world of Ghost Vision.

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