Album artwork for schaufler vs schaufler part 1 & 2

schaufler vs schaufler part 1 & 2 schaufler vs schaufler



Release date: November 10, 2023
Cat No: Magazine 022
Barcode: 4250101459061
Magazine 022
19,90 €
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In late 2021 the JUBG gallery (run by Magazine's Jens-Uwe Beyer alongside Albert Oehlen and Alexander Warhus) showed the German brothers Schaufler. Matthias, a painter, and Aksel, a musician and DJ (Superpitcher), came up with an exhibition soundtrack that was released back then as one half of an ultra rare drawing / vinyl combination only. (https://jubg.spac/editions)

Subsequently, the music caught Barnt's and Crato's ears. The bittersweet pulsating ode to being an artist, sprawling and boundless, complete with voices from the sky, seemed perfect for our label. We are happy to announce that the regular release of schaufler vs schaufler part 1 & 2 will indeed come out on Magazine now.

„Gut malen kann jeder Depp.“

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