Album artwork for School Of Hard Floors

School Of Hard Floors Oliver Deutschmann

Release date: July 24, 2020
Cat No: MOCD016
Barcode: 4250101418914
A virtuozo of late-night dance-inducing techno frenzies in steamy clubs, Oliver Deutschmann is back with his second releasee on ‚made of Concrete‘, aptly entitled 'School Of Hard Floors'. Named after dancefloors in Berlin’s stalwart clubs, this release kicks off with 'Globus', a mesmerizing slice of whirlwind zippy techno with dark vocals and a contagious bassline. 'Oben' channels spacious, acid-tinged pads with hints of murky chants into a construction that's great for creating and sustaining a surreal stretch of enigmatic tension. The last original track of the offering, 'Gate' tunnels through an obscure sound artery, accented with scintillating synth bleeps gradually radiating into a burgeoning, light-leak reminiscing breakdown. Hosts Rebar choose 'Oben', arguably the darkest track on the release for the remix treatment, adding swelling, arpeggiated glitched out pads that give the track a larger-than-life, bigger-than-the-room feel that captivates instantly.

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