Album artwork for SCORE Episode Three

SCORE Episode Three André Uhl

Release date: December 1, 2021
Cat No: MHS5
Barcode: 4250101439384
Digital Single
André Uhl’s new EP »SCORE Episode Three« is the last of three »SCORE« EPs Uhl produced recently. With its dark synthesizer lines and catchy melodies the record follows the footsteps of classic sci-fi and horror movies from the 1980s.

André Uhl’s »SCORE Episode Three« is the seventh release on Martin Hossbach Score (and Uhl’s third), a sub-label dedicated to music that could be used for films, both as an underscore or as source music – a library to which everyone has access through download or streaming platforms.

André Uhl released his first album »I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.« in 2017 on Neofakt. His second album, »Relax and Implode«, came out in October 2020 on Martin Hossbach. Weltschmerz Verlag put out his EP »I Want to Be Clear in Your Sight« in May 2021. André holds a master’s degree in futures studies. During the day he works as a futures researcher.

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