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Script Max Würden

Cat No: OV10
Barcode: 4250101429927
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With Script, Max Würden opens a window of reflection and recollection, a personal quest to find calm and hope. Composed during spring 2020, with melodies played on an old Schimmel piano and partially recorded on tape and intertwined with warm guitar arrangements with a wink to the most ethereal folk-pop and surreptitious textures. Some tracks can be experienced as sibylline, others as sharp and luminous. Given his experience in soundtrack production, he tells us in detail about the hero's journey, and one can sense that transformation is the desired finale.

With a less experimental character than in the magnificent album Format (A Strangely Isolated Place, 2019), in Script Max weaves arpeggios and single notes into a slowly moving breeze of music. While the theme of “Ordinary world” carries you through a journey, “Approach to the inmost cave” keeps you on the edge, in a constant state of suspense. “Crossing the threshold” greets the listener with the jazzy hiss of a forest, and you even end up humming its cadence. Samples of scanned nature place your soul in different landscapes that offer us their remedies against the disease. Not that obvious disease, a deeper one, less physical for which the vapourous swirls of “Return with the elixir” are the cure.

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