Album artwork for Seduction

Seduction Marcel Dettmann

Release date: June 30, 2014
Cat No: O-Ton 076
Barcode: 880319668913
O-Ton 076
8,50 €
There are only few producers that represent the essence of techno and the hardness and gloom of Berghain as perfectly as Marcel Dettmann, the founding member of the Ostgut Ton family. After the release of the limited 12“ “Dawning/Dawning (Revisited)“ with Ben Klock, his long awaited second LP “Dettmann II“ emerged on Ostgut Ton last year. For this remix EP of the album track “Seduction“, featuring the English, Berlin-based singer Emika, Dettmann lets Deuce, Anthony Parasole and Ryan Elliot take control of the temptation. While the digital release hosts the short version, the long version of “Seduction“ on the vinyl release brings the haunting and eerie character of this semi-ambient track to full effect, with the voice of Emika circling like a floating ghost. After the Deuce collaboration of Marcel Dettmann and Shed got a brief update on the “Dettmann II“ album track “Aim“, the duo now modulate the techno potential of “Seduction“. The vocals of Emika are not only transformed into morbid soundscapes, the resonance of the bass power turns their version into a brutal monster between agonizing desire and panic phobia. Anthony Parasole is not only the latest member on the Ostgut booking roster, the man from New York also showed his verve for spooky sounds already with an EP on Marcel Dettmann Records, knowing how to impress with a reduced relaxation. His remix spirals into futuristic territory and targets the dancefloor with its dominant kick. Both the subliminal funk and the driving character, with its pleading vocal loops, evoke a mantra of black art. Ryan Elliot rounds the EP off with his interpretation. Starting with a throbbing kick drum, he flanks the subtle rumble in the background with dry hi-hats before the synth chords perform a courtship dance that spits out a bizarre but striking groove. In combination with the claps and the reverb on Emika’s voice a fantastic theme crafted by a versatile arrangement emerges. Simoultaneously to the 12“ the short movie “Seduction“ will be released, a Parker Ellerman film with Cleo von Adelsheim, Sven Gerhardt and Stefano Cassetti, the artwork of the EP is a still from the movie.

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