Album artwork for Sennin (Vinyl Only)

Sennin (Vinyl Only) Unknown



Cat No: msk10
Barcode: 4250101450129
12,80 €
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MASK unveil the final entry in its untitled release series. Berlin-based label MASK records has become known for releasing a string of vinyl-only EP’s by unnamed producers which have seen the support of respected artists such as Jimpster, DJ Bone, Ben Sims, Santiago Salazar, Laurent Garnier, Ryan Elliot, Marcel Dettmann, and the Blessed Madonna amongst others. Now, the tenth and final instalment of the series consists of an eclectic collection of techno and house cuts, all recorded on tape during an analog live session in the artist’s studio. The A1 eases you into the record through glitchy textures, swelling synths and broken beats before the A2 gets you into a rapturous tracky groove offset by lo-fi vocals and dreamy pads. The A3 takes a darker turn through hypnotic drums and a droning bass, readying the listener for the B-Side which continues this raw energy. The B1 picks up the pace with energetic drums and clean ride cymbals while the B2 incorporates floaty arps and a tantalising repeating vocal. ‘B3’ closes out the release with a retro 80s synth feel, putting a wrap on yet another incredible vinyl EP by this exciting underground label. Unknown Artist’s ‘SENNIN’ vinyl-only release drops via MASK Records mid-september.

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