Album artwork for Sensibility

Sensibility bell-ringer Alexander Chayka



Release date: November 6, 2020
Cat No: K-002
Barcode: 4250101422676
Bell-ringer Alexander Chayka has dedicated his life to one of the unique crafts on this planet. True legend among Russian bell-ringers, he lives and breathes bell-ringing in all its forms, including design and construction of belfries, contemporary compositions on the bells and teaching the art of bell-ringing. His virtuosity will be made accessible to the public for the first time via a series of releases on a new label by Philipp Gorbachev, called KOLOTONE. The sessions are recorded live on the belfry of Bolkhov’s Transfiguration Cathedral (Russia, Oryol Oblast) in a mixed technique. Eastern Orthodox Church bells sound together with plain bells, called ‘bilo’, a new invention of late Soviet times.

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