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Sexo y Fantasia Sexo y Fantasia

Release date: September 30, 2022
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In the midst of the summer of 1988, a duo of artist from Belgium and Italy got together in the surroundings of the infamous X-rated film Rocket 23 Studios Molenbeek to build a seductive sound.

Originally involved in the cinematography and art direction of adult movies, the two mavericks decided to compose the soundtrack of what was going to become a cult movie of the late 80s erotique era: "Sexo y Fantasia".

The Belgian and Italian directors discovered back then the new beat, proto house and italo sound at the underground Ghent disco club "La Pircardía” and at “Club Spaziale” in Rimini, after their wet shooting days. Inspired by this bubbling European hype, they added features and distorted vocals from the X-rated movies they were filming at that time to the melody and beat of the soundtrack. The result is a powerful, unexpected and deep collection of tunes that sound fresh and vibrant today.

These unique tracks get to see the light of the day again thanks to the finding of the filthy master tapes together with a provocative fanzine somewhere in Brussels. Its images served as raw material for the adult artwork.

"Sexo y Fantasia" gets now revisited by current producers on the leftside of the beat: t-woc uses his masterful expertise to build an atmosphere of Balearic layouts, while Alexander Arpeggio works his way around a hypnotic and punchy remix of the original theme.

Recommended listening experience while eating.

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