Shem, Vol. 2 Red Axes

Release date: October 16, 2015
Cat No: Cliche 063
Barcode: 880319733611
Sold Out
Tel Aviv’s Red Axes are back on I’m a Cliché for the second instalment in their ongoing SHEM series. On this EP, four tracks that take different directions to reach the duo’s signature sound while expanding the horizons of their already impressive production abilities. 

SHEM A hypnotic track driven by a simple, functional rhythm. Melodies, percussion, and sparse vocals give a distinctively human feel to the track’s mechanical vibe. With brilliant use of space and subtle melodic variations, this track is reminiscent both of cosmic music and of timeless film scores in the spirit of Ennio Morricone's work.

OH KEY Guitars, live percussion, synths and keyboards: this track is a throwback to Red Axes’ early sound. With a hazy, slightly narcotic atmosphere thanks to the dance-inducing rhythm section and swirling guitar melodies, this is a fine piece of underwater surf rock whose potential in a club context must not be underestimated. 

SWEET JOHN GANG If you’ve ever wondered what’s the sound of an agogo rainfall, this is it. On this track where familiar latin percussion sounds are presented in a new light, Red Axes’ ability to create playful and catchy melodies layered on an understated groove, heavily treated guitar and frequency oscillating synths is compelling. A psychedelic cut tested and approved on the dance floor by several high profile DJs in the last few months. 

MORE MORE AND MORE The EP concludes with a track where a syncopated beat lets treated drums as well as slightly fuzzy bass line and synth stabs breathe through the mix. These dark elements contrast with lush pads, naive melodies optimistic chords and otherworldly horns. The result produces a fluid groove and much depth on this highly danceable track that seems to be Tel Aviv's response to The Hague's classic electro sound. 

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