Album artwork for Shiba

Shiba Nekliff

Release date: June 21, 2019
Cat No: 3000° 070
Barcode: 4250101406218
The shimmering melody and the percussive flicker of Shiba create a solid amount forward thrust. In the context of NekliFF's new EP this direction leads us straight into a mental state very similar to a surreal dream. In no time, the track turns out to be a minimalist hypnosis trick. Inu has a very similar structure, but with its rolling bassline this tune digs even deeper. Keeping up this trend, NekliFF builds the title Soul around an enigmatic melody, creating a very spaced-out and trancy vibe. The remix of Molle aka Mollono.Bass picks up this very atmosphere as the inspiration for a dark, yet colorful dancefloor drama.

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