Album artwork for Shida feat.Tina Ardor

Shida feat.Tina Ardor Chaleee / Shredder SA / Tina Ardor

Release date: October 22, 2021
Cat No: Connected 089
Barcode: 4250101436963
Digital Single
Connected 089
connected welcome label debutant Chaleee and ShredderSAfor a stunning new single that features deeply spiritual vocals from Kenyan Tina Ardor

Chaleee is a Dutch producer who has released on Mo Black, Madorasindahouseand Wired. He is a vital new voice in the worlds of afro house and tech, and here links with fellow afro specialist ShredderSAfromSeshago, South Africa.TinaArdor, meanwhile, is known for her ability to incorporate an array of local dialects in her music and for bringing different African narratives to the world in authentic yet modern ways. Together the threesome cook up a spine-tingling new tune.

The beautiful 'SHIDA' is a song of heartbreak, darkness and loneliness. Tina Ardor sings in Swahili of having no name, respect or praise in her life. It is driven by a penetrating bass drum and winding conga loop that lock you into the groove while the vocals rise high like a bird flying. All manner of further details including tropical insect-like sequencers, snares, jagged bass and organic shakers embellish the groove. They fill it with life and help make it such a devastatingly minimal yet impactful tune that overflows with emotion.

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