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Signs Of Change EP

Release date: December 2, 2016
Cat No: Just This 011
Barcode: 880319786914
8,97 €
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  • release
Landside is the collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra. The sound draws as much from the deep vibe and melancholy ambience of Kúraʼs reflective, dubby moods, as it does from the more insistent groove of Hunter/Game's dancefloor roots

Landside – Signs Of Change EP Signs of Change is the fourth chapter of Landside’s journey through diverse sound researches that cross over to industrial ambients, basslines and a whirling melody accompained by a crescendo of sonorities that won’t release you from the flow.

Distance is a throw back voyage in a melodic orchestra of ethnic sonorities that elevate you to an esquisite and new dimension.

Luke Hess Remix, is a night bounce into into dub techno that will hypnotize you with its hazy yet enthralling use of vocals.

Kelpe Remix is a deep and intense dreamlike hazy trip, accopanied by trippy melodies that melt with the voices of the original track.

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