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Sintaxis EP Gotshell

Cat No: BPX032
Barcode: 4260600223124
12,80 €
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Colombian artist Gotshell ties different shades of electronic music together on multi-genre EP for BPitch!

Colombian artist Gotshell returns to BPitch with a truly varied package of eccentric productions and multi-genre excursions. Whilst heavily inspired by the first wave techno of the ‘90s, Gotshell’s approach to production is one of genre synthesis, drawing upon styles ranging from IDM and acid to ambient and dub, and grounded continuously by an honest commitment to intense, uplifting rave music. Having released on an extensive roster of labels, Sintaxis is his second full release for BPitch, following Rezagados in 2021, and an appearance on the acclaimed We Are Not Alone compilation series last year. Armed with a passion for multi-genre musicality and a refined understanding of production techniques, Sintaxis brandishes references to subcultures from varying localities. Chaotic and serene in equal measure, Gotshell finds balance in the fusion of seemingly disparate sonic profiles. Opening the proceedings is ‘Forest’, a misty spiral through bizarre dissonances and psychedelic pads led by a marching kick drum. Heading into hazier territory, the dub-centric ‘Who I Am’ nods to early era dubstep with a careful fusion of stepping percussions, echoey vocals, and airy synths. ‘Fluctuacion Paralela’ continues in an ambient-leaning vein, submerging itself into an uncanny world of distant alarms, robotic voices and subtle drums. Closing off the proceedings is the unrelenting ‘Acid and Die’, a no-nonsense tweak trip through harsh acid coils and heavy distortions. Seamlessly fusing references gleaned from a true commitment to the music, Sintaxis is a statement of intent from the Colombian producer, tying together the threads between different shades of electronic music with an aesthetic distinctly his own.

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