Album artwork for SINUS|COSINUS




Release date: October 7, 2016
Cat No: OLGA 006
Barcode: 880319790218
OLGA 006
8,70 €
Next to step up to D Edge’s conceptual label OLGA is solo Berlin artist Martin Mueller aka youANDme. The acclaimed producer serves up three brilliant tracks that, like all releases on this label, are designed specifically with the Brazil club’s futuristic styles and sumptuous sound system in mind. youANDme runs a bunch of his own labels including some mysterious ones but also Rotary Cocktail Recordings, Polymorph and CUTZ.ME. He has been turning out deep and seductive jams for almost ten years now and have done so on Cocoon, Desolat and Finale Sessions amongst others. Always serving up brooding and physical machine made music with real underground soul, the music here is made up of great modular synth jams done in one take on old analogue machines that have authentic textures and atmospheres hidden within. It really feels like youANDme is speaking to us through his machines here, with subtle messages mirroring the turmoil of the global political times in with we live. The first A1 cut on this Sinus Cosinus EP is a spooky and spine tingling num-ber with freaky and creepy synth lines sounding all trippy above a firmly rooted and rolling drum line. Dubby and full fat, it is the sort of heady tune to really drive a tight club crowd wild. The second offering B1 is then a pressure building cut with heavy kick drums demanding you march to their beat. More sci-fi and spaced out sounds flesh out the grove up top and will help make for an otherworldly experience on the dance floor. Last of all, the B2 track is more loose and unhinged, with watery and squelchy sounds dripping and popping off over rubbery drums. Textured and full of expert sound design, it is the sort of cut to really get people under a hypnotic spell.

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