Album artwork for Sip Paint

Sip Paint Jack Dice

Release date: February 24, 2014
Cat No: Love 93
Barcode: 5060165480432
Love 93
12,80 €
  • AE5LnVTuf7XR
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The second EP from Jack Dice sees a huge leap in ambition for the project, a 5 track session that’s more addictive, direct and heady than its predecessor. ‘Sip Paint’ centres around ‘Stash’s Theme’ featuring rapper and producer Stash Marina, a track that deploys crisp triplets and saturated production straddling mainstream signatures on the one hand and a world of analogue/deviant recording techniques on the other. It’s an odd, hyper-addictive track - available here in both vocal and instrumental versions. ‘Low Glo’, ‘Kerosene’ and ‘Radium Dial’ are more subdued and immersive; you could draw lines straight through the material here to a number of different projects Twells has been involved with through the last decade, though he seems to benefit immeasurably from Chambliss’ presence. The pair find a perfect balance between their respective disciplines, resulting in an EP that at different points throws stylistic references to everything from Prince’s Black Album to The Art of Noise, Drake, Philip Jeck and Evian Christ’s DUGA 3 sessions - without ever sounding overworked or too knowing, a feat in itself.

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