Album artwork for Sissy & The Flute

Sissy & The Flute David Keno

Cat No: Paradigma 017 D
Barcode: 880319449215
Paradigma 017 D
Paradigma's fourth digital release and 17th overall release called for a bit of flavourful charm this time around, and David Keno was just the man to give the label a pleasant zap of funky beat with his ol' magic candy stick. Keno's alternative use of percussion, guitar strings and various vocals attracted Paradigma to his retro-cool, film score-like sound and the EP, Sissy & The Flute, did not deceive any expectations. The first one, The Flute, is a cool, euphoric piece of electro-pop that embodies all the elements of a wild night and dancing comedown. Although little floor-orientated, the track takes the soul to the lounges and the bar stools with its suave, chill-out tune. A vision of talking friends and connecting twosomes lingers throughout the imagination. The Flute is a track not only fit for the decks, but the Ear Pods and iPod dock as well. Following number, Sissy, begins with a highly energetic parade of rolling beats that slowly fade in the background. Soothing yet thought provoking, deep keyboard strokes come forward, heightening an emotional peak and complemen- ting the first number in a rather artful manner. Those that stick around to the end of the track will be in for an interesting twist. This is Keno's first ever release on Paradigma Musik. Some of Keno's previous collaborations include; Kindish, Hi Freaks, i220, Stil Vor Talent, Zenit, Meerestief, Karateklub and his own label, Keno Records - to name a few. Paradigma has not only brought a unique artist onboard, but has also shed light on an era of electro-pop breakthrough in music trends.

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