Album artwork for Skunk

Skunk Billy Dalessandro

Release date: February 19, 2016
Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 023
Barcode: 880319749513
Digital Single
Soniculture Unlimited 023
Billy Dalessandro, the prodigy from Chicago, now based in Montreal, is back to show us again what is the path for the future. Interstaller electronics, in several flavours is what is proposed in this fresh EP. Rejoice! As a prelude, “Launch Sequence“ engages us into the mood, opening the doors for the masterclass to be learned. “Meet Be At The Bass” are the first orders given from above and thus we comply, going through the dark paths of sophisticated yet dirty acid techno, but protected by a “Fart Defense” charm in case things get too filthy. “Always After Dark” is surely the right time to give this EP a listen, with no light around so that we can keep on “Chasing Tail” and go crazy with these new musical arrangements filled with groovy elements. At the end, we discover that the tail we were chasing came from no other than a “Skunk” and realize how Billy likes to fool around with us. Well, it doesn’t really matter. We are having too much fun. The cover of the EP was generated from a new version of SOUNDPLOT, software developed by SONICLAB that uses bioinformatics analysis, to illustrate a track as it would look like on a painting. Blue is the colour used to show the degrees of similarity between moments.

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