Album artwork for So In Love

So In Love Auntie Flo

Release date: September 25, 2015
Cat No: H+P020
Barcode: 880319732614
8,20 €
Auntie Flo returns with his ‘Theory of Flo’ LP masterpiece, his first release on H+P in over 3 years! Following his critically acclaimed ‘Future Rhythm Machine’ LP, ‘Theory of Flo’ is a bold step ahead from FRM, as it takes us on the trip of a lifetime; spanning continents, genres, languages and cultures to create a wholly unique listening experience; and one which is only possible in 2015. Teaming up with long term collaborator, Esa Williams, the album also features collaborations with the incredible Ghanaian singer, Anbuley (who last appeared on the Autonomous Africa hit ‘Daabi’), Shingai Showina (of The Noisettes / Matthew Herbert / Dennis Ferrer fame) and has experienced a lengthy recording process between Havana, London and Glasgow - with outstand- ing results. ‘Theory of Flo’ lands this November, in the meantime, his ‘So In Love’ smasher and the spellbinding ‘Waiting For A (Woman)’ drop on limited 10”..

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