Album artwork for Solitaire

Solitaire Move D

Release date: May 26, 2023
Cat No: Mule Musiq 285
Barcode: 4250101453267
Mule Musiq 285
28,90 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
mule musiq dives into the archives of humanoid ambient music history, bringing the vinyl premiere of a masterwork by german dj, producer, and musician david moufang, globally known as move d. released in 1995 on pete namlook’s fabled fax +49-69/450464 label, the album marks his only output as solitaire, featuring heroic, supple ambient music, that some folks call one of the best works by move d.

just three years before he dropped it, moufang launched with jonas grossmann the celebrated label source records, active from 1992 to 2005. it was the platform for his first move d album “kun-ststoff”, likewise released in 1995, highlighting diverse genres like techno, house, idm, ambient, electro, and downtempo.

“solitaire” works with pulsating rhythms, too. gentle ones, that cater sensations beyond the propel-ling dance sectors. a spiritual album. recorded at the resource studios/heidelberg in july/august 1994. it reaches out to higher ground, never leaving the sediment.

still state of the art. not a single melody, note, tone has aged. all sparkle, all innocence is still there, somewhere deep in the arpeggiated space, absorbing time. an exploratory early electronic work by an artist, who still had his most prolific years to come.

and yet, “solitaire” sounds like being shaped by a fully mature creative mind, that defined his sonic language already profoundly. six epic tunes between five and 16 minutes, listening to emblematic titles like “damaskus/dakar, “sergio leone’s wet dream”, or “indian mantra”, while opening ambient into investigative textural layer landscapes, that subtly incorporate acid, downbeat, idm, or early techno districts.

for those who have been around in the electronic music sphere for a while, “solitaire” is a classic. for those who are young at heart, it opens new horizons. each new passive or active listing loop fresh ones. hidden in the harmonies. hidden in the melodies. somewhere inside the sound. leading outside into a visual texture, where you can almost see the music!

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