Album artwork for Sondela EP

Sondela EP David Mayer & Floyd Lavine

Release date: May 11, 2018
Cat No: Connected 024
Barcode: 880319917011
Connected 024
9,20 €
Fresh from classic releases on connected with ‘Lust’ Remix and ‘Drained’ EP from David Mayer and the sublime L.D.O.E. (Aaaron &Deckert) remix from Floyd Lavine, this time they team up for their own release , and its special !

A. Sondela feat.Xolisa - A beautiful almost nomadic journey through pulsing beats tense percussion and snatches of electrifying music evoking a celebration of earth water sun and music with dramatic percussive breakdowns massive synth drones all topped with a powerfull vocal urging the listener to ‘Follow the Sound’ maybe to the magical Sondela . Truly a thrilling and compulsive ride.

B1. XI – A deep smokey pulsing late night percussive dancefloor thriller with mysterious synth lines, bringing to mind urban dystopia.

B2. Sondela feat.Xolisa (Floyd Lavine Drumversion). The stripped down version , emphasizing the bare beats and percussion and vocal creating a tribal atmosphere.

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