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Space and Time EP Glenn Davis

Cat No: AOW001
Barcode: 4250101467875
17,50 €
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Debuting on brand new Berlin based house music label Ascension on Wax, Irish producer Glenn Davis is here with his 8th release, Space and Time EP, featuring 4 tracks. With subtle jazz references and motifs, skilful production layering, dreamy deep house chords and vocal sampling; this is one of Davis’s most accomplished releases to date. The tracks Space And Time and Party With Me have stunning vocals and deep house keys which form the foundations of the tracks. They have a truly hypnotic effect as they progress and take the listener on a musical journey as the different layers of the songs reveal themselves. The former is perfect for playing earlier in the night and the latter, a dance floor ready number which will be sure to get the crowd going. Following these, are Girl U Gotta and a remix of the same track by the talented jazz musician, sound engineer and producer Mark Hand. Girl U Gotta samples Aretha Franklin and the song has strong elements of the iconic 90’s sound house heads know and love so well. The remix is arguably the heaviest track on the release with accomplished jazz keys throughout and a fat bassline which will knock dancers off their feet. Ascension on Wax is also releasing a limited pressing special edition of Space and

Support for the release from: Franck Rogers | Jimpster | Tom Findley (Groove Armada) | Dj Sneak | Lars Behrenroth | Giles Smith (Secret Sundaze) | Orlando B and many others.

� �S�u�p�p�o�r�t� �f�o�r� �t�h�e� �r�e�l�e�a�s�e� �f�r�o�m�:� �F�r�a�n�c�k� �R�o�g�e�r�s� �|� �J�i�m�p�s�t�e�r� �|� �T�o�m� �F�i�n�d�l�e�y� �(�G�r�o�o�v�e� �A�r�m�a�d�a�)� �|� �D�j� �S�n�e�a�k� �|� �L�a�r�s� �B�e�h�r�e�n�r�o�t�h� �|� �G�i�l�e�s� �S�m�i�t�h� �(�S�e�c�r�e�t� �S�u�n�d�a�z�e�)� �|� �O�r�l�a�n�d�o� �B� �a�n�d� �m�a�n�y� �o�t�h�e�r�s�.

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