Album artwork for Spectate Ep

Spectate Ep Joefarr

Release date: May 13, 2016
Cat No: LSR018
Barcode: 880319754814
Sold Out
On the heels of 2015’s hyperactive Longanimity EP on Leisure System and the recent Sense of Purpose LP via Bloc Records, JoeFarr returns to Leisure System with the Spectate EP, another tactile and punishing contribution to the ongoing GRIDLOCK series complete with an incredible remix from sound scientist Max Cooper. Farr throws down heavy drum grooves on title track “Spectate,” with hi-hats and synth zaps creating malevolent movement around a blurry vocal sample. Teetering on the edge of total malfunction, it lurches and leaps in beguilingly twitchy ways. Max Cooper explodes the track on his remix, offering increasingly distorted sections that lure in the listener before shattering the structure. On the flip side, “Comp Killer” and “In Focus” are two slices of deliciously raw techno, featuring shuddering bass and searing melodies sure to split open any dance floor. The fifth edition in Leisure System’s ongoing GRIDLOCK 12” series, the Spectate EP is yet another example of JoeFarr’s able hand at creating fierce, infectious, and irregular techno.

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