Speicher 15

Release date: February 2, 2004
Cat No: Kompakt Ex 015
Barcode: 880319001314
8,20 €
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Includes high-quality download in MP3 (320 Kbps)
The a-side: Naum -'Ari': Theee perfect shuffle-headbanger track from our most favourite Scotsman As thrilling and overwhelming as stadium rock. As tasty as alcopops. It's break played at >98 decibel will relieve any stress and tension. Guaranteed. By the way, when's AC/DC on tour again? The b-side: Joachim Spieth - 'Use Case': The shaman from the south of Germany calls for fight against the icemen. In typical Spieth manner, he generates sounds which ancient cultures would have called 'trance'. But we call it Speicher techno and feel a lot better. By the way: this time, the eagle is blue.
Einmal stadiontauglicher Schaffel von Super-Naum und schön verspulter Techno von Spieth. 2 x Wumms.