Album artwork for Speicher 33

Speicher 33 The Orb / The Rice Twins

Release date: February 27, 2006
Cat No: Kompakt Ex 033
Barcode: 880319023712
Following THE ORB's record sweep with their full-length "Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt",it's only fitting that they've come up with a fitting icing on this colossal cake entitled "Good Less America". A triumph in every way, The Orb provide us yet again with a brilliant platter of contemporary art-Techno crowned with sovereign jollity. Absolutely nothing they do can go wrong. But now, dear ladies and gentleman... THE RICE TWINS have arrived. This sensational new discovery from Sweden is set to sweep you off your feet. If sassy melodies and stuff like that are really hip again, This is the new anthem of the United Techno Nations. Do you think this sounds exaggerated?? Just listen!!
Nachdem THE ORB mit ihrem Album Okie Dokie its the The Orb on KOMPAKT alles abgeräumt haben was geht, nimmt sich die vorliegende Nummer Good Less Amerika/Gorgeous, wie das Icing on the Cake, wie das mit aller souveränster Leichtigkeit dahingebowlte Stück Technokunst der erwachsen Sorte aus, nachdem das Turnier bereits gewonnen wurde. Was soll da noch schief gehen. Aber jetzt, meine Herren. THE RICE TWINS. Die vollfette Neudeckung aus Schweden

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