Speicher 5

Release date: October 14, 2002
Cat No: Kompakt Ex 005
Barcode: 880319011016
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There is a new term going around cologne: abspeichern! - friendly beckoning to Frankfurt where they have been heavily pumping for quite a while now, Kompakt sends out a new racer: it's hard but it's fair. It's simple but two- to three-dimensional. But above all, it's rocking as if there wasn't a tomorrow. Following the hot predecessors by M. Mayer, Superpitcher and the brothers Voigt, it's now time for the 5th push - again released by the brothers voigt: Reinhard Voigt - also called 'the kompakt animal' due to his most successful live performances in Germany and abroad - at his best regarding pressure and hardness. His track 'Dorn' is a pitbull with knacking acid sounds. Wolfgang Voigt, in contrast, comes up with 'Vision 03'. A real jewel where he concentrates the very beginnings of 'Roxy'/Speicher 3 to a so far unknown mutation of disco music and which, if played at the right time, exhibits an tremendous emotional power. The tempo is sexy, the sound like a soft stone. A kaleidoscope of colours. And the world is plunged in a light of hope and a better tomorrow. May the planet keep on dancing. But with a vision....