Album artwork for Speicher 87

Speicher 87 Hunter / Game

Release date: October 23, 2015
Cat No: Kompakt Ex 087
Barcode: 880319806414
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Wrapping up a short summer break, SPEICHER returns with a powerful double bill from rising duo HUNTER/GAME. It's the Italian producers' second contribution to the series, after having amassed quite a few nods with sneaky club anthems "Hexagon" and "Bermuda" (KOMPAKT EXTRA 83). This was followed by their strong rework of Weval's "Gimme Some" - a much-acclaimed highlight of our Total 15 compilation (KOMPAKT 340 CD 125). The new material sees them digging even deeper into the hardware circuits while cranking up the momentum a notch or two: opening banger ADAPTATION doesn't feel the need to ease you into the experience, dropping you right in the middle of its frenzied staccato synth throb instead. Meanwhile, THE PATH opts for rich, saturated colors and epic melodies, slowly building its case until it's ready to blow its lid. These are two extraordinary techno tunes that will command your attention and leave no floor unturned - an essential release for both the label and the artists.

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