Album artwork for Spinning Faster Than The Room

Spinning Faster Than The Room 1k Flowers

Release date: May 8, 2020
Cat No: DIBACH19
Barcode: 4250101417016
Digital Album
»Spinning Faster Than The Room« is Tim Roth a.k.a. 1k Flowers’s second ambient album, following last year’s »Unthreatening Auras«, a collection of liminal, oneiric pieces on Martin Hossbach Demo, the sub-label’s first release. The album’s opener, »Hand’s Up And Touch The Sky«, introduces the listener to a string of voices, rushingly stuttering throughout the piece before leaking into the more tranquil part of the album. The disembodied voices are weaving through the album and keep appearing like entities in the eponymous room shaped by experimental ways of processing. Each piece comes with its own motif, inhabiting a puzzling feeling. The album’s sequence acts as an spiralling build-up, culminating in the placid »New Plan«.

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