Album artwork for Static Hymns to No One

Static Hymns to No One Of Thread & Mist

Release date: January 22, 2021
Cat No: GZH101
Barcode: 4250101423598
Of Thread & Mist is the solo project of Richard Knox (A-Sun Amissa / Gizeh Records). Brought to life in 2020, it focuses on music composed by Knox then deconstructed and manipulated via hand-made tape loops, beaten-up 4-Tracks and modified cassette players. Static Hymns to No One is the debut album from Of Thread & Mist. The music found here unfurls slowly and patiently, imbuing a saturated, solemn and nostalgic tone that allows ample time to absorb and ponder. Layers of orchestration and drones, recorded onto tape loops, decompose and collapse throughout the duration of these pieces. The elegiac sweeps and choral sighs are buried inside a dense and sometimes suffocating atmosphere but it's one where shafts of light are eternally present as these compositions gradually evolve. Static Hymns to No One is an intimate affair, the rawness of the writing and recording techniques add to the melancholic aura, infusing it with lamented memories and quiet, dusky evenings. This is a record of humble defiance, of determination to push forward. A place of solace and contemplation amongst the clamour and the folly. This release is accompanied by extensive original artwork and photography created by Knox alongside the music in the early weeks of Autumn 2020.

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