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Statik Actress

Cat No: STSLP428
Barcode: 7072822428105
27,90 €
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Actress' tenth studio album, the celestial and meditative `Statik' is released this Spring via Smalltown Supersound. The cosmic collaboration between Darren Cunningham and the esteemed Oslobased purveyors of elevated sonics evolved organically following Actress' remix of a Carmen Villain cut for the 12" of her Only Love From Now album. In this vein, the entire `Statik' project, from conception through creation and release, has been blessed with an almost unnatural ease. For Actress, who wrote the majority of his subtly majestic new record in an extensive deep flow state, the project serves as a cohesive testament to artistic liberation. Resultantly, the contemplative new album is imbued with a sense of freedom, while belying its creator's expertise through forensic attention to textural detail and signature Actress resonances. Listening closely, influential visions of aquatic realms, such as the mythic Atlantis, and evocations of flying birds (and, perhaps, humans) may reveal themselves. No matter if Statik inspires you to soar above or below the horizon, Actress and Smalltown Supersound promise you a safe and transcendent journey.

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