Album artwork for Stone Island EP (w/ Fantastic Man Remix)

Stone Island EP (w/ Fantastic Man Remix) Simone De Kunovich

Cat No: PF006
Barcode: 4250101456343
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#PF006 Late night visions of MTV in the late 90s are the main inspiration for the debut EP of Polifonic’s mainstay Simone de Kunovich. “Stone Island”, born from the collab with Pascal Moscheni, is the sun soaked musical manifesto of the festival - energetic, uplifting, psychedelic. On the flip side Australian veteran Fantastic Man is shaking things up with a modern Trance interpretation of the original for guaranteed dance floor pleasure. “Lingua di Sole” closes the EP on a mellow note, laidback yet acid tinged, closer to the atmosphere’s of Simone’s precedent works on Mule Musiq. Close your eyes and it feels like Puglia already.

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