Studio 1

Label: Studio 1
Release date: January 12, 2009
Cat No: Studio 1 CD1
Barcode: 4018333006503
12,80 €
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Kompakt couldn't be happier to announce the return of this long out of print CD collection from the famed STUDIO 1 series. On the heels of the celebrated GAS box set release "NAH UND FERN" (KOMPAKT CD 66), this CD is an opportunity to glimpse into a legendary series that is celebrated for being the root and origin of Cologne minimal techno.

"STUDIO 1" comprises of edited highlights from the nameless colored STUDIO 1 vinyl series recorded by Wolfgang Voigt in the mid/late '90's. Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt's (aka GAS, MIKE INK, M:I:5, etc) most celebrated aliases, Studio 1 is not so much a title but rather a series of ten influential records. Beginning with the Green record in 1995, Voigt began releasing one Studio 1 record after another, with each untitled record bearing only a different color to differentiate it from its predecessor. The records featured a unique style of ultra-minimal techno, characterized by a palette of bouncy beats at varying frequencies, intricately arranged into a spacious yet complex multi-layered rhythm. This palette of bouncy beats owed more to warm dub bass beats than crisp percussive bass beats, instantly differentiating itself from the traditional sounds of techno.

"STUDIO 1" CD has been out of print since 2000 - the vinyl remains unavailable since their initial pressings. Our thanks to the many fans and you that have pressured us to a convincing point that this release should be available once again. There will be a sticker affixed to the CD informing people it's Wolfgang Voigt aka GAS, MIKE INK, etc and an explanation of it.
Lange überfällige Neuauflage der legendären Studio 1 CD. Für alle die's damals (1995) verpasst haben oder eben noch nicht geboren waren. Ein echter Klassiker.