Album artwork for Sucio

Sucio Kosmas



Release date: December 27, 2019
Cat No: AZZ29
Barcode: 4250101413445
Digital Single
Experienced greek producer, Kosmas signs our latest release of the year with a solid 4 tracks ep entitled "Sucio".

The Ep opens with "U Give The Love", a robust breakbeat affair that shows a strong technicality and a desire to experiment, but still with a melodic touch that we love at AZZUR. The 808 beat makes it timeless.

"Pan Metron Ariston" which means "all in good measure" in ancient Greek, is the most melodic track of the package. It includes some oriental melodies bolstered by steely drums and tweaked acid that support a robotic vocal sample.

"Sucio" is the most dancefloor track from the package. No need to say that this one will make people dance... Intense!

The ep ends with "Nothing More Than a Feelings". Another breakbeat track built around an efficient arpeggiated bassline and an anthemic melody. Kosmas has confessed to us that this track is a love song and honestly we do think that this track is a perfect romantic experience to close this ep.

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