Album artwork for Sujos Brilhos

Sujos Brilhos Arubu Avua

Release date: September 8, 2023
Cat No: UGD-013
Barcode: 4250101462252
Digital Album
Porto-based musician Victor Negri, under his solo project Arubu Avua, is set to release his upcoming album titled "Sujos Brilhos" on August 25th, 2023. The seven-track release will be available on cassette and digitally on Berlin-based music and art label Unguarded.

"Sujos Brilhos" offers a dynamic blend of minimalist guitar-driven compositions infused with abstract, sometimes discordant instrumental sequences. Negri, through Arubu Avua, has artfully incorporated a melange of diverse influences spanning free folk, Clube da Esquina, noise, ambient, and experimental electronics. The result is a sonically unconventional structure steeped in a DIY, lo- fi aesthetic.

The album signifies a fresh start for Negri, who recently emerged from a challenging period of creative and personal transformation. The title, which roughly translates to "tarnished shine," alludes to the exploration of themes such as the passage of time and the pursuit of authenticity amidst imperfection. These ideas are reflected in the layered noise and instability that define the album's sonic palette, and resonate within lyrics like "ouro fruto do caos" ("gold is a fruit of chaos"). Echoes of Negri's debut album "Protocosmos" (2014) can be found within "Sujos Brilhos," including the return of cover artist Caio Guedes and the incorporation of a decade-old monochord he built.

"Sujos Brilhos" further develops the signature mix of Negri's songwriting and abstract passages, albeit with a reduced emphasis on electronic elements compared to earlier works. His recent collaboration with the free improvisation scene, primarily as a guitarist, has left an indelible mark on the album through an amplified presence of prepared guitar and the involvement of guest artists such as Teresa Riemann (drums), Rodrigo Constanzo (percussion/electronics), and Lea Taragona (guitar/electronics). Negri and Taragona notably performed together as the free folk improvisation duo Sumimasen throughout 2022. Look for "Sujos Brilhos" on cassette via Unguarded and digital platforms including Bandcamp and major streaming services. To explore more about Arubu Avua's music and previous releases, visit and follow on Instagram at arubuavua.

About Arubu Avua: Victor Negri, the Brazilian-born musician behind Arubu Avua, has an established discography dating back to 2014. Now based in Porto, Portugal, Negri's releases include collaborations with labels such as Unguarded, TUDOS (São Paulo), and his own self-released work. Negri was resident at Amplify Berlin in 2019, where he was mentored by drummer/composer Andrea Belfi, and appeared as a guest on Mike Watt's popular "Watt from Pedro Show" in 2021. Apart from his music career, Negri has created media art pieces exhibited at esteemed venues like EMAF (Osnabrück), Future Lab (Shanghai), Silent Green (Berlin), and ADAF (Athens).

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