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Summe EP Summe



Release date: April 13, 2015
Cat No: Unterton 07
Barcode: 880319804410
Unterton 07
8,50 €
With U-TON 07 we’re introducing ∑ (pronounced: ‘Summe’). This collective of Berlin- based musicians has been propagating in the city’s subculture during the past two years. With this release ∑ are offering some hypertextural and -percussive music. “These tracks should be regarded as an invitation. We would like to approach change, the new and unknown with an open mind in order to challenge our perception of union and normality. We understand this music as a consolidation of communicative events which intends to interlink and encourage appreciation of complex differences through friction, interference and beat instead of renouncing them by establishing perfect harmony. Beyond what is currently conceivable, we focus on a joint musical and physical experience which also intends to make the impossible feasible.” — ∑, Berlin, January 2015

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