Album artwork for Superpitcher meets Repeat Orchestra

Superpitcher meets Repeat Orchestra Superpitcher / Repeat Orchestra

Cat No: nt014
Barcode: 4250101449055
11,20 €
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"Monks In A Club" from the Repeat Orchestras album "Infamous Lost Tracks" is a perfect example of elegant dancefloor understatement, smooth, minimalistic and groovy as hell; no wonder that Superpitcher got thrilled and created not a remix but his own track inspired by Repeat Orchestra, reworking the essence of "Monks In A Club". And Superpitcher did what only Superpitcher can: "Monks In The Sky" is an epic ride, expanding, stretching, ebbing and flowing, ten minutes of levitating groove hypnosis that goes in depth. Fascinating.

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