Album artwork for Surrender EP

Surrender EP DJ Angelo / Jaidene Veda

Release date: November 13, 2020
Cat No: Connected 068 D
Barcode: 4250101422225
Digital Single
Connected 068 D
Following on from his compulsive ‘Babel’ EP DJ Angelo is back with a more moody release featuring the vocals of Jaidene Veda and also a beautiful remix from Pablo Fierro. Surrender (original mix) Like a hazy summer morning, synth pads and tubular bells drift across a minimal rhythm section with hi hats like cicadas crossing the stereo picture . Jaidene’s vocal oozes like honey with presence and humanity. She is sitting next to you in a quiet garden. The bass drum drops and the bass line and music evolve into an intoxicating atmosphere like a magic spell.The beauty of this piece is the way the tapestry of music plays with the melody of the bassline . With little effort the music drives and pulls like tidal waters , joined by innocent clavinet like piano stabs but the momentum is driven by the emotion of the music and the depth of the vocal. I surrender. Surrender (Pablo Fierro Remix) Pablo’s remix is characterised by mystery in music and stealth and muscle in this groove that prowls the perimeter like a predator, which acts as a bitter sweet counterpoint for the bewitching vocal incantations. Shrouded in smokey drops, murky twisting bass,vibrating chord arps and abyssinian pipes over the mountains, the groove rises, heats up and simmers but never boils , maintaining a sort of drama and tension with the addition of different percussion elements both effective and subtle. Masterwork.

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