Album artwork for Sweet Poison EP

Sweet Poison EP Dj Tomer / Ricardo Gi

Release date: August 26, 2022
Cat No: Connected 108
Barcode: 4250101447624
Connected 108
Israel-born but New York-based duo DJ Tomer and Ricardo land on connected with an enchanting new single that comes with remixes from Atmos Blaq and BadBox.

DJ Tomer and Ricardo started working together on Afro house productions in 2019 and since then have made a big impact with their deep, detailed sound. It usually involves strong vocal collaborations and has garnered high-profile support from peers such as Themba, Black Coffee and Shimza.

Their superb single here 'Sweet Poison' features the beautiful vocals of New York-based up-and-coming singer-songwriter Zoya. It's a rolling, immersive house track with dramatic arrangements, spine tinging breakdowns and musical drops all finished off with passionate melodies that lodge deep in the brain.

Soweto-born Atmos Blaq is an Afro house mainstay with credits on labels like Get Physical, Nervous and My Other Side of the Moon. His remix brings a more dusty and low-key approach with a strong hypnotic beat and enticing atmospheres that draw you in with their warmth.

Last of all, London-based artist Badbox - known for his Black Coffee and Blue Marlin residencies - remixes. His version has an equally powerful emotional focus with mini arpeggiators flicking the vocals into orbit as low-slung bass synths set a deep mood. The beautiful vocal is the fantastic final touch.

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