Album artwork for Swimmer

Swimmer BAAZ

Release date: June 24, 2022
Cat No: SOL5
Barcode: 4250101446719
11,20 €
After an amazing debut 12inch for Slices Of Life in April 2012, we are happy to announce a follow up EP of BAAZ with three massive and rolling house pieces. „Swimmer“ on the A-side comes right in time for the 2013´s summer season with it´s strong driving beats and drifting chords that awake your lust to run through high summer grass. „Can´t Take It Away“ (B1) is a warm sounding bundle of energy with weird vocal samples and light footed percussions that fit perfectly on a cosy dancefloor. „Chummy“, the 2nd track on the B side,  starts with a very dry and simple 4/4 bassdrum + snare figure before building up into a driving dubby disco piece carried by a nicely filtered loop and Baaz´s typical open high hats. The Berlin based Baaz stays true to his unique style of producing house music and again convinces with pure and powerful beat structures, warm basslines, clear strings and floating chords, from which it is difficult to tear oneself away.

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