Album artwork for Systematic Shades Vol. 2

Systematic Shades Vol. 2 Wehbba

Release date: November 25, 2016
Cat No: SYST0115-6
Barcode: 880319799013
8,48 €
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After the highly acclaimed first part of Wehbba´s outstanding „Systematic Shades“ series it´s finally time fort he second volume and the waiting time of one year was worth the waiting. Once again he convinces us with three hybrids of straight and functional tracks including that touching certain something you have or don´t. Moonrise reminds us on the good old early times of techno when the MPC-60 was the master of the groovy rhythms and „Polychrome“ and „The persistence of memory“ underline again who authentical and rough he is able to create techy traxx.

So, Rodolfo, please don´t let us wait to long for part 3...

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