Album artwork for Szamár

Szamár Kornél Kovács

Release date: October 27, 2017
Cat No: Endless Flight 84
Barcode: 880319882012
Endless Flight 84
8,70 €
throw the hands into the air: kornél kovács, on the go dj and producer from stockholm, who runs with his mates axel boman and petter nordkvist the label studio barnhus, delivers his debut ep on endless flight.

it’s a 10inch, its juicy and enlarged with super happy emotions. two sample house bangers that came to life only for one reason: to make people smile.

the a-side tune “szamár” twists with twisted rhythms, samples and disco sounds. the b-side features a remix of the tune “order to the sense” by the new zealand/german duo snacks. it was originally featured on the “i'm starting to feel okay volume 7” compilation on mule musiq.

kornél kovács transformed it into a melancholic house anthem full of with highlife guitar riffs and smiling horn sounds. high spirits music for all circumstances of a party night. if you look for music that gives you joy: kornél kovács brings it here in a pure human panache.

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